Leila Maria

For the woman who carries the world in her pocket


Designer: Leila Maria

Photographer/Video/Edit: Tomm Atkins

Model: Christelle  Langlet

Producers: Nick  Davoren/ Chelsea Simpson

Between the Gardens

Summer 12/13

Leila Maria’s Summer 2012/13 collection is named “Between the Gardens” focuses on the idea that life is a combination of events that consistently brings us to a point where we must adapt to change. As a euphemism, the name of the range “Between the Gardens” is inspired by women’s capacity to recover from the hardships of the great depression and move into a time where more consideration  and effort could be made into displaying ones individual style and grace.  Many women throughout time have had to recover from  their own personal conflicts and have experienced  many shades of life. One moment the world can be cold, grey, pastel ,dry and tired. And the next it could be intensely bright, vividly green, and astonishingly fresh. All of the time moving from one garden to the next.

The collection is designed for a woman who searches for attitude and comfort but who also seeks the natural feminine elegance of feeling pretty and colourful. Using floral prints as the characteristic  for Leila Maria’s Summer 2012/13 “Between the Gardens” reflects on calm pastel colours combined with a mystic and colourful rainbow from light to bright shades. The introduction of silk fabrics in it’s perfect silhouette this season connects the softness of the silk with the silhouette respecting your body limits and features, brightening up your best inner beauty. Exceptional kaftan jackets as the main piece for this summer, gypsy skirts, amazingly fitted dresses and summer tops all named by female characters from the American series “Mad Men”.

Captured through the lens of the talented photographer and videographer Tom Atkins (Channel Ten) and located in the tropical natural outskirts of Gold Coast, the photo shoot and video enhances the talent of an elegant woman’s attitude connected to the beautiful surroundings of nature. The latest from Leila Maria is a reflection of how you can look after of the most important feature in the garden…YOU! Embracing the flexibility and smoothness of the freedom of being a beautiful woman.

This season brings a fresh look of freedom…Leila Maria has adapted trends to enhance its best characteristic of wearing comfortable, unique and exclusive designs while respecting your body shape.

In a particular interpretation of the best looks for this summer Leila Maria’s Summer 2012/2013 presents kaftan jackets as the main piece for this season, gypsy skirts, fitted dresses and summer tops. All with that exceptional and well known Leila Maria bohemian look.

We present to you Leila Maria’s trends board… Stay tuned for more to come, because it’s going be special!

Leila Maria

Very proud to be part of the Fashion Scene of Gold Coast!
Thank you Gold Coast Bulletin for the big spread on the paper in May 2012.
Leila Maria

Very proud to be part of the Fashion Scene of Gold Coast!

Thank you Gold Coast Bulletin for the big spread on the paper in May 2012.

Leila Maria


"The vibrancy and rhythm of colours"

Photos: Tomm Atkins

Model: Alex Fitzgerald

Producer: Nick Davoren

Special Thanks: Dj Fitzgerald

Hair/ Make up/ Style: Leila Maria

Notes of a Designer - Final 

Do you remember all the creative process I went trough?

Well… Let me remind you quickly!

First was my insight about my main Inspiration -the exhibition of Henri Matisse’s colorful cut-out collection called “Jazz”. Which inspired some thoughts and linked me into the color ranges for this season.

Secondly after all my searches, nights of drawings and putting together all of what I captured for the range, I went to Bali to then browse fabrics and trims. This time, like all others I found an abundance of culture and new experiences that helped me to be more and more excited about what I was doing.

Last but not least… I returned home all completely crazy and extremely busy, with a few last minute creative insights. Soon it was time to hand stitch every single garment to bring to life the HAND MADE feeling of Leila Maria.

How we love that? How that makes every single piece so unique and special? YEAH my hands haven’t stopped for one single moment in the last 2 months! I personally put different and special little details on each piece to make every garment different and exclusive.

How exciting! Now everything’s ready, fresh and absolutely beautiful.

So here is just a little taste for you… The photo shoot and video are coming soon!

Believe me you’ll be curious about that!

Leila Maria

Notes of a Designer - Part 3

Asia has always been a major influence for me in search for fabrics, trim and bid. And the culture, colours and vibe that can be found only enhances this vision.

I personally find amazing inspiration through the chaotic way of life and confused structure of the cities.

This was the 3rd time I have sourced materials in Bali, Indonesia and I always find incredible fabrics full of colour and alluring prints. But I really love what they do best. And that is my favourite fabric to work with… SILK!

My previous two trips to Bali brought plenty of new experiences and challenges and this time was no different.

The combination of all these elements will always make my time there and work more pleasant. Even when you have a unexpected/forced holiday in between where you cannot go on the streets, talk, watch tv, use internet or  any other form of technology that requires power. YEAH! It was the NYEPI Holiday which happens once a year in Bali. To  my very luck it happened in the middle of my trip, which resulted in me losing 2 days  of productive work but also gain 2 days of deep reflection and wisdom (I guess hahaha).

The people, the smell, the colours, the madness, the peace, the sunsets, the naive ambition, the hard work and every single little detail that I see when I’m there reflects in the finished product. So I feel like I should share this fundamental stage of my creative process.

And here it is… Thanking you Bali for inspirational times!

Leila Maria

Notes of a Designer - Part 2

After all the insights, searches, readings and Googling I was ready!

Then the time comes to put all the information together and start designing.

So here is the process of the second stage.

Leila Maria